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Mastering the Art of Post-Game Parenting: Effective Feedback for Youth Athletes

Nov 16, 2023

As parents, we've all been there – caught up in the heat of the moment, offering feedback to our young athletes that we later question. Whether it's speaking too quickly, focusing solely on the negatives, or letting emotions guide our communication, these situations are familiar to many.

In this blog post, we'll explore practical tips to enhance the way we provide post-practice or game feedback to our youth athletes.

Level Up Tips for Effective Feedback:

1. Focus on the First Feedback: The initial words you choose carry significant weight. Before speaking, assess your emotional state. If upset, take a moment to cool down. Ask yourself: "If this is the only thing my child remembers, what would I want it to be?" Be intentional about setting a positive tone from the start.

2. Highlight Negatives and Positives: No game is without its positives. Acknowledge what your youth athlete did well – their accomplishments, effort, or attitude. Equally, address areas for improvement by pointing out what wasn't effective and empower them to influence those aspects in the future. Balancing negatives with positives is crucial for maintaining your child's mood and motivation.

Feedback Takeaways:

As passionate parents invested in our youth athletes' success, the first words we utter post-game or practice are crucial. Instead of launching into a lengthy diatribe, consider the impact of the first and last things said – these are what stick with your child. Be intentional about your initial feedback, as it shapes their mood and self-identity.

Remember, humans tend to remember the first and last things said to them. Therefore, make your first words intentional and positive to positively influence your youth athlete's mindset.


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