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Enhancing Youth Athlete Mental Performance: A Parent's Guide

Sep 14, 2023

With approximately 45 million adolescents participating in youth sports in the United States, there's a significant number of parents invested in their children's athletic journeys. However, many parents may wonder how to best support their children's mental health and performance in the face of various challenges.

To address this need, seasoned father, mental health expert, and former professional athlete, Julius Thomas, has taken the initiative to offer weekly guidance on youth sports mental performance. Julius Thomas, with experience in D1 college basketball and NFL football, as well as a master's degree in clinical psychology and a role as a sports neuroscience professor, is well-equipped to provide effective strategies for unlocking your young athlete's potential.

Each week, you can expect practical "Level-Up Tips" to engage your child in conversations and help them incorporate mental performance habits into their athletic and academic lives. Additionally,the newsletter will offer valuable perspective to foster mental health and performance, ensuring you finish strong and create the right frame of mind. Join this journey to better support your young athletes on their path to success.



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