Youth Athlete Parents' Playbook for Mental Health and Performance


I'm Julius Thomas

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My whole life has been dedicated to overcoming the odds, performing at the highest level, and helping others maximize their potential.

In 2017, I left my career as a former NFL pro-bowler to follow my passion to help others achieve success and wellness.

Currently, I help organizations, teams, and individuals reach their PEAK through my unique combination of high performance experience, mental performance coaching, and preventative health education. 

My goal is to Encourage, Educate, and Empower!


The 3 Factors that Hold Youth Athletes Back

Performance Struggles, Mental Health Challenges & Self-Limiting Mindsets


Performance Struggles: Sports are 90% mental and most performance struggles athletes experience are a result of their frame of mind. Training one's mind to be elite is the most critical step in taking any athlete's performance to the next level.

Mental Health Challenges: Approximately 25% of the 45 million youth athletes in America experiences a mental health disorder in a given year (Psychology Today, 2021). This number is alarming and speaks to the need for parent's to find ways to help support mental health prevention for their youth athletes.

Self-Limiting Beliefs: Many youth athletes are unaware of strategies to help decrease mental chatter that is negative and limiting. This form of mental difficulties prevents them from taking risks and pushing their limits, ultimately limiting their potential for growth and success. 


My 3 Proven Mastery Development Methods to Improve Mental Health and Performance 

Elite Mental Performance Mindset,

Resilience & Mental Health Prevention

Peak Performance Mindset: Elite performance mindsets empower youth athletes to attain their athletic aspirations and excel in their endeavors. By developing an elite mindset, young athletes learn how to process the important aspects of their craft and sustain the confidence needed to continually show up with self-belief.

Resilience: Sports can be psychologically challenging because there are many facets that our outside on an athlete's control. Developing strong resilience allows youth athletes to embrace challenges and view them as opportunities for growth. 

Mental Health Prevention: Mental Health is not something that parent's and youth athletes should react to. Families should be proactive and learn the strategies and techniques to fortify their young athlete's own internal mental health prevention factors.


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